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Marajo Island, Do Carmo Farm


2  nights   Children Friendly Featured, pleasant property Each City Package includes transfers and the must-do-tours and was carefully selected and negotiated for you. All participating service providers have been chosen for their quality service. So, unless you have specific plans, trust us. It's all prepared. Should you stay extra nights, book the city package and add hotel. Price Busters

Hidden Treasures

Marajo is a phenomenal island in the Amazonas Delta, about 190 km away from Belém, in straight line. Cut by Ecuador Line, it is, endowed with pleasant temperature because of the constant blow of "aliseo" winds. In spite of the proximity of Atlantic Ocean, the waters that bath the island are always fresh, because of the force of the Amazonas flow that pushes the ocean salt water for about 200 km away from the coast The main attractions of the island are, naturally, the richness, exuberance, beauty and diversity of the area ecosystem, being three types: "varzea", swamp and equatorial forest. It is a privileged reservation for Ecological Tourism. Following package was based on a Marajó Park Resort program.

Surrounded by fresh and salt water - from the Rivers Amazon and Tocantins and the Atlantic Ocean - is the island of Marajó, separated from Belém by the River Tocantins, and which is the largest river island in the world. It is the phenomenon result formed by gigantic waves where the waters of the River Amazon met the sea - the island is also renowned for its pottery and famous for its herds of buffaloes, which are the largest in the country.

Marajó is inhabited by various native groups that found the large island an ideal environment for living and for making pottery, decorated with a series of geometrical designs. A large quantity of this material was uncovered on the island of Marajó and is now to be found in museums in Europe and North America. The collections consist of vases, funeral urns, pans, plates, pitchers and elaborately decorated pots.

The Aruã tribe, originating from the Antilles, was known as being the largest on the island as well as the bravest in its encounters with the Portuguese. Its native culture went back two thousand five hundred years and would have lasted into the eighteenth century had the tribe not started to become scattered across the River Amazon region until it disappeared completely; information about them is now confined to chroniclers' records of the period. The same happened in the case of the creative Tapajós tribe that lived at the mouth of the River Tapajós.

Many of the river beaches on the island of Marajó are characteristically long, Araruna extends for two kilometres, Pesqueiro thirteen and Caju Una, fifteen. One of the most popular for leisure purposes is the beach at Joanes, six hours by boat from Soure, one of the twelve communities on the island that also includes large estates for the rearing of buffalo, some of which offer tourist accommodation.
1 Day - Belem / Marajó Island

Very early morning pick up at your hotel and transfer to pier for departure on regular line boat to Marajó Island.
Arrival at the port of Camará and continuation of the jorney by van, then by canoe with outboard motor.
Arrival at Do Carmo Farm, welcome drink and accommodation.
Lunch will be a delicious regional buffet.
In the afternoon you will visit an archeological site during an Ecological Safari.
Dinner at the farm.
Overnight at the ranch.
2 Day - Marajó Island

After breakfast you will start the tour on the river, seing fantastic landscapes, flora and fauna.
Lunch at the ranch.
Field trips on the ranch on horse or buffalo back.
Return to the ranch where you will have dinner.
Night tour for flashlighting of alligators and night birds.
Overnight at the ranch.
3 Day - Marajó Island / Belém

Breakfast at hotel.
Today you will be taken to an Ecological Safari with bird observation.
Return to the ranch by lunch time.
After lunch transfer in motorized canoe and van to the port of Camará.
Regular boat to Belém.
Arrival in the late afternoon and transfer to your hotel or to the airport.
The package includes:
* Transfers hotel - pier - hotel or airport;
* Accommodation in Fazenda do Carmo during 2 nights in double, triple or quadruple rooms;
* Meals: 2 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 2 dinners, as mentioned in the program;
* Mineral water and fruit juices during lunch and dinners;
* Activities and entrance fees as described;
* Well trained bilingual guide.

Not included in the package:
* Airport taxes and air tickets;
* Personal expenses or extras; and
* Drinks.

Important remarks:
1. The below mentioned rates are valid until December'2010.
2. The trips can vary according to the climate and season, but always in the best sense to assist the customer.
3. For single occupancy, please contact us for rates and availability.
4. Departures at 5h30 from Mondays through Saturdays.
5. We also suggest you bring some cash to pay your extra expenses as several lodges do not accept credit cards.
6. The new rules and regulation from the Official Navy Department in the Amazon demand that every passenger boarded in a boat during transfers in the Amazon River needs to be in a passenger list containing full name, date of birth and nationality. Otherwise the transportation company will pay a fine and might be stopped apprehended, delaying the regular transfers. Please inform us your details when of your booking request.