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Pirarucu - the largest known freshwater fish
Mexiana is the easternmost island of the Amazon estuary, located in the State of Pará, northern Brazil, just above the huge Marajó Island. Cut by the equator line, pleasant temperatures are to be expected, especially due to the constant flow of ocean incoming winds.

Although it is bath by the Atlantic Ocean, the force of the Amazon River pushes the ocean salt water far away from the coast, maintaining the surrounding island waters always fresh. The island size is about 100.000 hectares of private property, 38.000 hectares of which belong to the resort owner, who spares no efforts in maintaining and protecting its natural environment and eco-systems.

It takes a 190 km, small hour flight from Belém to the resort’s licensed airstrip ( gps coordinates S.00°.05’.44,3’’ W.49°.35’.04,0’’).

Landscape will be alternating tropical forest, with savanna and swamp areas. Due to the wet and dry seasons conditions present on the island, large parts of the island get flooded, without taking away the feasibility of fishing in wet season, like most other areas in the Amazon region.

Because of its isolated, exceptional climatic and natural conditions, the island became a breeding and hiding area for exotic birds, fish, mammals and other wildlive. As it is an excellent place for eco-tourism and photo safari, it is also a unique place to fish for the largest known freshwater fish, the PIRARUCU.
1 Day - Belem - Mexiana

Meet and greet early in the morning, 6:00 at the Airport of Belem. Since you have probably slept the night in Belem, we can (optionally) pick you up at hotel and transfer you to the airport.

Flight on chartered airplane to Mexiana Island, checking in at Resort
The Marajó Park Resort, meets international standards, and is a totally self supporting, fully equipped hotel, with 40 air-conditioned apartments, has an excellent kitchen, full-size swimming pool, laundry and all services required to make the staying of you and your family as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Fishing as soon as possible.
2 Day - Mexiana


The PIRARUCU is a strong and brave fighter, makes long runs and jumps out of the water when caught. He will strike on live bait, spinners, top and midwater lures as well as streamers and other big flies.

There are several different situations for PIRARUCU fishing on the island, while they are found in all waters in and around the island, we recommend live bait fishing in the large creeks, and bait casting, spinning and fly fishing in the canals, lagoons and lakes.

Although outboard engine equipped aluminum fishing boats are available, you will do most of the fishing out of similar size custom made wooden boats, powered by pilot and/or electric trolling motor, intend to integrate with nature. The creeks may also be fished for extremely fierce, hand size Piranhas, as well as enormous Catfish and Tambaqui.

As for recommending equipment; although the possibility of hooking a 200 lbs Pirarucu is real, you’ll be more likely catching fish up to 100 lbs., we recommend not to oversize your tackle and use 25 to 45 lbs. rods, with up to 60 lbs. lines for Tambaqui and Pirarucu fishing, your fly tackle (Photos) for the Pirarucu should be at least # 8, now if you’re going after the big catfish, heavy saltwater type equipment is required.
These recommendations are based on experience, space and fighting conditions, not to be taken as a rule.
3 Day - Mexiana

4 Day - Mexiana - Belem

Boarding return flight after breakfast, arriving in Belém at 08:00 hrs.
Included in the package:
* Transfers in Belém, from and to international airport, hotel and regional airport;
* Round-trip charter flight to Mexiana island, (no airport taxes are required for these flights);
* Full pension, all included, except distilled alcoholic beverage;
* Fully equipped fishing boats, live baits, pilot, fuel and cooler with snacks, meals and beverage;
* Optional tours on the island or eco-safari for those who do not fish or want to take a brake from fishing; and
* Local tour guide.

Not included in the package:
* Airfare to Belém;
* Hotel accommodation in Belém, (but can be reserved upon request);
* Distilled alcoholic beverage;
* Airport tax, as required when boarding return flight from Belém international airport;
* Tipping is permitted at free will and not obligatory;
* Insurance; and
*Personal expenses.

Important remarks:
1. No fishing permits are needed.
2. Although there is no prohibition for excess baggage weight, we strongly recommend use of common sense while packing.
3. Portuguese is the official language in Brazil, but an English-Portuguese interpreter will always be available on the trip.
4. As you will be in a tropical climate, proper care and climatic protection for electronic equipment, photo cameras and general baggage is necessary.
5. There are no shops on the island, so personal hygienic items, medicine, sun protection, etc. should be bought in advance.
6. No malaria is found on the island, but insects are common in a tropical environment, so you should provide proper protection if needed.
7. Preventive tetanus and yellow fever inoculations are always recommended.