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Una Ecopark
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Brazilian Atlantic Forest

On the Trail to Conservation
Una Ecopark is a pioneer enterprise created through a partnership between Conservation International, the Institute for Socio-Environmental Studies of Southern Bahia and Anheuser Busch. The Ecopark - a private reserve featuring a canopy walkway and a visitors center - creates economic and conservation opportunities through nature-based tourism. While park-related tourism provides jobs and income for the local community, a portion of each entrance fee goes to conservation projects designed to preserve biodiversity in the remaining Atlantic forest. The park also serves as a research center where scientists conduct studies on the biological importance of the region.

At the visitor's center, ecotourists receive environmental education on the unique aspects of the Atlantic forest. By experiencing the natural beauty and magnificent species of the area at the center and on the canopy walkway, visitors learn to appreciate the need to protect this region for future generations.

Location & Access
The canopy walkway is located in the Atlantic forest of southern Bahia, Brazil, one of the most endangered ecosystems in the world. Only 8 percent of the original forest remains, providing critical habitat for species that live nowhere else on earth, such as the golden-headed lion tamarin and the yellow-breasted capuchin monkey. Una Ecopark is a private forest reserve situated on the banks of the Maruim River, across from the Una Biological Reserve, one of Brazil's most biologically diverse areas. To access this attraction, visitors can rent a vehicle or take a bus from Ilhéus to Una and drive to the park (45 minutes). There are several flights with Varig, Nordeste, Vasp or Tam airlines from several cities in Brazil: Salvador (40 minutes flight), Rio de Janeiro (2 and-a-half hour flight) and São Paulo (3-hour flight) to Ilhéus.


Guided Nature Hikes
Suitable for all ages and levels of fitness, the park's 2-kilometer trail begins in a rubber plantation, where ecotourists will learn how local workers harvest rubber from trees. Along the trail, visitors will encounter primary and secondary forest, as well as exuberant vines and bromeliads. Deep in the forest hikers will experience walking on a suspension bridge in the forest canopy more than 20 meters above the ground. This canopy walkway, unique in Brazil, was constructed using the existing trees, and without the use of nails. Completely safe and accessible without climbing, ecotourists can see the Atlantic Forest from a different angle: from above and among the trees
More than 200 bird species are found in this area. A wonderful place for birdwatchers, the canopy walkway allows enthusiasts to view specific species that can only be seen from canopy platforms.
Wildlife Viewing
Lucky visitors may catch a glimpse of animals such as the golden-headed lion tamarin, yellow-breasted capuchin monkey, masked titi monkey, coatimundies, red brockets, collared peccaries and sloths.
Una Ecopark offers a chance for city-dwelling local Brazilians to visit and get to know the forest, which is surprisingly inaccessible to them. Una Biological Reserve, across the Maruim River from the Ecopark, is a "core" conservation area that does not allow visitors. With an accessible forested site equipped for visitation, local Brazilians can gain an appreciation for what is being preserved in places like the reserve.

Una Ecopark has a visitors center with includes displays for environmental education purposes about this area. A 4x4 truck has been adapted for use within the park, as well as transportation for school children in the area.

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