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Clipper Cruise - Mon thru Wed


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Amazon Cruise

Only Mondays departures are available for this tour.

A fantastic way to discover the myths of the Amazon, being part of the nature and still have the right amount of comfort. You travel while you sleep and wake up every day in another incredible spot. Excursions are done from the boat and you will be able to fish your own dinner.

The cruise regular departures can be aboard of one of the boats: Amazon Clipper, Selly Clipper II or Amazon Angler, according to the final number of participants.

* 2009 Fixed Departure Schedule

Oct 05-07, Oct 19-21, Oct 26-28, Nov 09-11, Nov 23-25, Nov 30-Dec 02, Dec 07-09, Dec 14-16, Dec 21-23, Dec 28-30
1 Day - Manaus / Lake Janauaca

Departure from the port at 14h30.
Presentation on board of staff, route and facilities.
Navigation to the Meeting of the Waters. Observation.
Navigation in the Xiborena and Careiro region to Curari.
Canoe trip in smaller creeks to see life on the flood plains: jute, market-garden produce, rubber trees, as well as flood plain forest and lakes with giant water lilies (in season).
This trip returns after sunset, so that we can observe night life, including caimans.
Navigation up the Amazon (the upper part of it called Solimoes by the natives) to lake Janauaca.
Dinner on the way.
Overnight aboard.
2 Day - The Amazon Forest

Early morning canoe trip for bird-watching. There are good chances of seeing Hoatzins and large flocks of Egrets and Cormorants.
Visit to the inhabitants of the lake who live from manioc plantations, fishing, diverse fruit trees, rubber, Brazil-nut trees, wood and other extractive products.
Walk in the forest with commentaries by the specialist.
Fishing for piranhas and other types of fish.
Night trip to see nocturnal animals, sometimes including night-hawks, snakes, toro-rats, sloth and frogs.
Navigation downstream on the Amazon.
Overnight aboard.
3 Day - Return to Manaus

Early morning bird-watching trip in the Janauary Ecological Park and nearby waterways.
Navigation past Manaus port, with views of the floating docks, market, old custom house and houses on stilts, to the port arriving at 11h30.
Included in the package:
* Permanent assistance of an expert bilingual guide;
* 2 overnights in the boat;
* Meals: 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch and 2 dinners; and
* All the above mentioned activities.

Not included in the package:
*Airport taxes and air tickets;
*Transfers hotel or airport to the pier or vice-versa;
*Medical expenses and hospitalization;
*Any type of insurance;
*Personal expenses or extras; and

What to bring:
Although the climate is considered hot and damp all year round (about 80 to 85 Fahrenheit), it can be surprisingly cool at night in the jungle or on the river. Most of the time, passengers will find themselves wearing light clothing such as T-shirts, shorts, bathing suit and sandals, but for the hikes in the forest they should also have a long sleeved shirt, long trousers, light coat, good closed footwear such as high tennis shoes or hiking boots, small flashlight, binoculars, and personal effects.
We also suggest you bring some cash to pay your extra expenses as several boats do not accept credit cards.

Important remarks:
1. The below mentioned rates are per person valid until December'2010.
2. This package is not valid during Christmas, New Years, Carnival and Holidays.
3. Meals: The meals are prepared on the boat from supplies taken aboard in Manaus and sometimes caught fresh on the way. Foodstuffs that need it are preserved in freezers or refrigerators. The water served on board is mineral water. The meals are generous and varied, basically consisting of local cuisine where fish plays a strong rule and many times is caught fresh on the way.
4. Changes in route: The activities described may be altered due to weather conditions, season or group make-up with the intent of maximizing your experience of the eco-system.
5. Cruise accommodations: We have accommodations in double cabins with bunk berths, each cabin with private toilet and air conditioning for night use. For single occupancy reservation of a cabin there is a surcharge.
6. If you have extra luggage left in Manaus, please keep your guide informed when of your transfer to the lodge.
7. The new rules and regulation from the Official Navy Department in the Amazon demand that every passenger boarded in a boat during transfers in the Amazon River needs to be in a passenger list containing full name, date of birth and nationality. Otherwise the transportation company will pay a fine and might be stopped apprehended, delaying the regular transfers. Please inform us your details when of your booking request.