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Guanavenas Lodge, Tucano


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Amazon Lodge Package

If you don´t have a lot of time but really wants to experience the Amazon Rainforest, go for this package. The "Tucano" is a quick package for in a hurry guests.
Guanavenas it is a complex built up to provide you an exquisite journey to the heart of the Rainforest, the most exotic place and the largest ecological system in the entire world. To visit the Amazon means to try the magic and the mystery of a Region that has the largest River (Amazon) and the biggest Tropical Forest of the world. It is considered the most important ecological sanctuary of the planet, with its countless and important wild species (fauna and flora). Guanavenas Jungle Lodge is located in the heart of the Amazon, a lake, igarapés, surround it and is inside the jungle.
3 Day - Amazon Rainforest

The regular departure from Manaus to Guanavenas Jungle Lodge is at 6h00.
The package includes transfers Manaus / Guanavenas and back, all meals (2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 dinners), and five tours with a bilingual guide.
The tours are: Alligator night spotting, Hiking in the jungle, Canoe ride to the Igapós (flooded forest), Piranha fishing, and Visit to Birds Island (this is the place where birds come nest and sleep - April through August are the best months).
On the 3rd day, the return time to Manaus is 7h00.
Not included in the package:
*Airport taxes and air tickets;
*Transfers hotel or airport to pier, or vice-versa;
*Medical expenses and hospitalization;
*Any type of insurance;
*Personal expenses or extras; and

What to bring:
Although the climate is considered hot and damp all year round (about 80 to 85 Fahrenheit), it can be surprisingly cool at night in the jungle or on the river. Most of the time, passengers will find themselves wearing light clothing such as T-shirts, shorts, bathing suit and sandals, but for the hikes in the forest they should also have a long sleeved shirt, long trousers, light coat, good closed footwear such as high tennis shoes or hiking boots, small flashlight, binoculars, and personal effects.
We also suggest you bring some cash to pay your extra expenses as several lodges do not accept credit cards.

Important remarks:
1. The below mentioned rates are per person.
2. This package is not valid during Christmas, New Years, Carnival and Holidays.
3. Luggage: For safety reasons and guests comfort inside the boat and at the lodge, the big bags will be kept in the lodge deposit in Manaus and will be returned when they are back to the city. The guests will be allowed to carry a hand bag only with the necessary for their stay in the Amazon Forest.
4. The activities described are to be scheduled according to weather conditions, season or group make-up with the intent of maximizing your experience of the eco-system.
5. Other tour packages are also available for the Guanavenas Jungle Lodge. Please contact us for further information.
6. If you have extra luggage left in Manaus, please keep your guide informed when of your transfer to the lodge.
7. The new rules and regulation from the Official Navy Department in the Amazon demand that every passenger boarded in a boat during transfers in the Amazon River needs to be in a passenger list containing full name, date of birth and nationality. Otherwise the transportation company will pay a fine and might be stopped apprehended, delaying the regular transfers. Please inform us your details when of your booking request.