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Roraima Mountain Expedition


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Extreme Adventure

This tour package is a challenge of Adventure and Mountaineering interest, including and involves trekking, camping and off-road.

The Roraima Mount, the seventh highest peak in Brazil is 2,739 meters (8,980 ft) high. It is one of the oldest and most exotic places in entire planet. The Roraima Mount Mount is part of the Tepui Mountains, which are a rare type of rock formation shaped like tables, about 2 million years old. Roraima Mount is located on the border of Brazil, Venezuela and French Guiana. The trek to the Roraima Mount Expedition is unbelievably beautiful and certainly unforgettable. Your own legs will take you to explore the mysteries of "The Lost World" as described by Conan Doyle in his book. The 6-day trek on the Venezuelan Grand Sabana is worth every minute. The steep trail to the top, the most difficult part of the whole trek, is one of the most challenging and amazing moments during the trip.

The landscapes and views are full of legends and mysteries. The top of the Roraima Mount is a gift after the ascent. You will explore its 33 square miles plateau (84 square kilometers) for three days. The wonderful and unique rock formations; the Crystal Valley and the triple border are definitely sites that you will keep in your memories forever.
1 Day - Boa Vista

You will be picked up at Boa Vista airport (connection from Manaus) and transferred to the hotel.
Overnight at Eusebio Hotel.
2 Day - Boa Vista/St Helena of Uairen

Breakfast and morning departure to Santa Helena of Uairen, in Venezuela. It is a 4-hour journey on dirt roads. After arrival in Santana, you will finish the last details for your trek.
Meals: breakfast and dinner.
Overnight at Vila Savage Hotel.
3 Day - St Helena of Uairen/Kukenan

Breakfast. You will start the day heading in 4x4 vehicles to the indigenous village of Paray Tepuy in the middle of the Canaima National Park. This is the trekking departure point. This is an original Pemon Indian village that today depends on eco-tourism for its existence. Here you will meet your Pemon Indian Guide Ranolph, who knows all the mysteries and paths of Roraima Mountain Massif. You will start your 8-mile (13 km) trek to the Kukenan River. The Kukenan River Camp is a very special place. With the big white water river in front and both Roraima and Kukenan Tepuis in the background, it is just unforgettable. You will have your dinner in Ranolph's camp house, a place built specially for his guests.
Meals: breakfast, trail lunch and dinner.
Camping overnight.
4 Day - Kukenan river/Roraima Mountain

You will get up rising in the morning to see the beautiful sunrise. Today is a big day, since you will climb to the top of the Roraima Mountain. It is just a 5,5 mile (9 km) trek but physically demanding. You will walk for about 2 hours to reach Roraima Mount Base Camp. From there, you will see the access ramp and start ascending from a steep and beautiful trail with the support of your guides at all times. On your way, you will go through jungle, big waterfalls and some spectacular views. After 3 to 4 hours, you will reach the top. With 33 square miles (84 square km), the Roraima Mount is full of mysterious and wonderful sites.
Meals: breakfast, trail lunch and dinner.
Camping overnight.
5 Day - Triple Border / Crystal Valley

Trek in the Roraima Mount plateau, in an avegage altitude of 2500m (7500 ft). You will explore exotic rock formations and reach the Triple border (Brazil, Venezuela and French Guiana). After lunch, you will visit Crystal Valley; a spectacular valley formed by crystals and water power. You will also explore the Fosso, a large hole on the ground, with water on the bottom and a lot of unexplored caves. Besides all these, you will see rivers and unique flora and fauna.
Meals: breakfast, trail lunch and dinner.
Camping overnight.
6 Day - La Ventania & Mountain Summint

Today you will continue your exploration on the plateau. In the morning, you will visit La Ventania, a rock labyrinth with intricate formations. There the wind blows eternaly, the reason for its name. In the afternoon, you will reach Roraima Mount's highest point in Venezuela, the Maverick Rock, which is 2875m (9,426 ft)high. You will also trek to the west border of plateau, where you can see the jungle and the Kukenan Mount and its waterfall dropping from 840 meters (2,754 ft) of altitude (the fifth greatest waterfall on earth).
Meals: breakfast, trail lunch and dinner.
Camping overnight.
7 Day - Roraima Mountain/Kukenan River

Now it is time to start heading back, feeling energized after the conquest of this great mountain. You will start descending the access ramp. You will trek back until the Kukenan River where you will stop to have the chance to enjoy the beautiful landscape one more time.
Meals: breakfast, trail lunch and dinner.
Camping overnight.
8 Day - Kukenan/Sta Helena of Uairen

After a few hours of walking, you will be back to Paray Tepui village. The 4x4 vehicle picks you up to return to Santa Helena of Uairen.
Meals: breakfast, trail lunch and dinner.
Overnight at Vila Savage Hotel.
9 Day - St Helena of Uairen/Boa Vista

Last day to enjoy the wonders of Gran Sabana. You will depart from Santa Helena of Uairen in the morning, reaching Boa Vista early in the afternoon to cross the border between Brazil and Venezuela one more time. You will enjoy the drive on BR-174 highway in a transition area from the Grand Sabana to the Amazon Forest. Departure from Boa Vista in the evening.
Meals: breakfast.
The package includes:
* Transportation during the tour as described;
* Accommodation: 3 nights lodge in double room and 5 nights in camp (during the trek);
* Meals: 8 breakfasts, 6 trail lunches and 7 dinners;
* Activities and entrance fees as described;
* Well trained bilingual expedition leaders equipped with first aid supplies and radios;
* Tents and camping mattress;
* Personal Accidents Insurance.

Not included in the package:
* Airport taxes and air tickets;
* Personal expenses or extras;
* Sleeping bag and backpack;
*Any other services not mentioned.

Important remarks:
1. This package is valid year around, except during holidays, Christmas and New Years.
2. The below mentioned rates are per person
3. The best season to do this trip is from July to January.
4. This trip is recommended for those who are apt to Ecoadventures of level 4-Demanding (Extended foot travel in very remote areas. A demanding technical program that includes extensive outdoor activity. Requires excellent fitness and endurance plus previous experience).
5. We also suggest you bring some cash to pay your extra expenses as several lodges do not accept credit cards.