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South Canyons

Rocky walls with an equivalent height of 15 Statues of Liberty piled up compose the landscape of the national parks.

Imagine a landscape composed by scarped rocky walls as high as 900m. You just...

Gramado Golf Club

The course opened in 1972 built by Argentinean architect Alberto Serra. Its relief is slightly undulating and has six artificial lakes. The vegetation is formed by native species and trees imported from...

Gramado enchantment

Gramado is the stage of large events, with an agenda full of attractions.

The glamour of flowered streets, the architectural details, the cozy hotels, the refined cuisine, the product and service...

Natural Canela

The city's name originates from a tree, vulgarly called "canela" (cinnamon), which was then located not far from where the city's main square is today, Praça João Corrêa. This cinnamon tree served as point...