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Agriculture - Technical Visit


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Technical Visits

A natural paradise in the heart of the Brazil!

An immensity of water, land, animals and plants. In the 140 thousand square kilometers of the Mato Grosso Pantanal, nature still reins absolute. Almost 200 years of economic exploitation have little modified the regions’ landscape, made of cordilleras, never reached by the waters, of bays (fresh water lagoons), salines (salt water lagoons), dried lakes and river beds, which during the dry season transform themselves in pasturage, and corixos, small rivulets that communicate with rivers in the rainy season.

Vegetation also impresses. Pantanal is located between two ecosystems, Cerrado and Amazonian Forest, and has characteristics from both of them.

Certainly the right place for a technical visit and explotation of such a huge variety of products.
This is a group suggestion. If you are interested on it, please contact us.