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Xingu Reserve - Fishing


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The Fishing Ranch is localized in the Amazon basin, in the state of Mato Grosso, between the 7 de Setembro and Kuluene rivers, where the Xingu river is born. The closest town is Canarana, 130 km away through a well maintained dirt road.

The Ranch has acomodations for 18 people. There are 6 apartments with air conditioning, living room and porch. Cafeteria and kitchen adjacent to the ranch.

Besides the confort, the Ranch offers trained jungle guides and the following: Phone ; Generators ; Freezers ; Refrigerators; Barbecue pits; 18 foot boats; Brand new outboard; motors; Eletric outboard motors; Excelent river guides; Complete Kitchen; Wood stove; Color TV; Pier; Landing strip

In the rivers you will find the following types of amazon fishes:
Piraibas (giant catfish), Pirararas, Jaú, Cachara (Pintado), Matrinchã, Corvinas, Bicudas, Mandubé, Bico de Pato, Chupitas, Cachorras, Pacu da Amazônia, Barbados, Trairões, Tucunarés and others species (many of them are different types of catfish) of the Amazon basin.

All year around, the predominant fish is the pintado (catfish type), while from may through September you will also find lots of matrinchã.

Piraibas (giant catfish) are found all year around, but specially March through May when the river is at its fullest.

Feb 24th - Oct 31


Surface Fishing
Excellent results can be achieved with artificial bates, specially for catching Cachorras, Bicudas, Matrinchãs, Tucunarés, and Trairões. These fishes can be found in various parts of the river as well as in many of the nearby lakes.

Deep Fishing
For giant catfish fishing, specially Piraibas, Cacharas, Piraras and Jau, heavy ballast and various sizes of hooks are used. The bate used is live fish from the region. The most common live bate used is the Tuvira.

Barley Fishing
If arranged ahead of time, the river is baited with soy beans and corn. This prepares the desired spot in the river and attracts a good quantity of fish, mostly Pacus and Piaus.

The record was a catfish of 142 Kg, caught on 2/may/1999.
1 Day - Sao Paulo / Xingu

Sunday: Meeting at Airport. Private Flight to this hidden spot.
Arrival and accommodation.
Introduction and light fishing in the late afternoon.
Fullboard and Overnight at Lodge.
2 Day - Xingu Reserve

Fulltime Fishing.
Also, it may be possible to visit a Xingu Indian Tribe.
7 Day - Xingu - Sao Paulo

Saturday: Flight back to Sao Paulo.
Price per Person. One week of fun, fishing, and jungle adventure at the Xingu´s Ranch with everything included (boats, fishing equipment if necessary, guides, home cooked brazilian food, open bar, and airfare in a private airplane from Sao Paulo to the ranch and back, for groups of 2 people).

The new rules and regulation from the Official Navy Department demand that every passenger boarded in a boat needs to be in a passenger list containing full name, date of birth and nationality. Otherwise the transportation company will pay a fine and might be stopped apprehended, delaying the regular transfers. Please inform us your details when of your booking request.