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Legends of the Amazon
Once upon a time there was a beautiful, young Indian girl called Naiá. She refused all of the marriage proposals made by the strongest and bravest warriors of her tribe as she had fallen in love with the moon – whom she knew was really a very handsome and powerful warrior. Every night Naiá would go to the forest and sit admiring the moon with his silvery rays. Sometimes she would run through the forest to see if she could reach the moon with her outstretched arms. Always he remained distant and indifferent to all of the beautiful Indian’s efforts to reach him.
One night, Naiá came to the edge of a lake. In it, she saw the radiant image of the reflected moon. She thought it was her beloved white warrior. So as not to lose him, she threw herself into the deep waters of the lake. Poor thing, she drowned.
So, the moon felt guilty for this beautiful creature’s death and did not want to turn Naiá into a star in the heavens, but into a star of the waters. The Indian’s body was turned into an enormous beautiful flower. Every night the flower opens it’s enormous petals so that the moon can light up it’s rosy face.

The legend tells the story of Uakiti, a warrior from the Tukano tribe. When invading
his enemies territory to meet his loved one, he was surprised by a number of
warriors armed with bows and arrows. With his body riddled with arrows, Uakiti fell
dead. His lover Ceucy, seeing the body of Uakiti, pleaded to the god Tupã to have
pity. Moved by the request, Tupã resuscitated the young man and even today as
the wind echoes through the holes in his body, you can hear the sound of flutes.
It is said that, the secret of the flute is in Uakiti !

When the moon is waning after midnight, and a pale moonlight spreads over the
River Sea, the great snake appears from an enchanted gallery .It crosses quickly
to the other side of the river, overturning canoes, killing those in the water, causing
landslides and drowning animals along the riverbanks. It devours everything it
comes across. Those who see it become blind. Nobody can catch it. Whenever
someone anxiously decides to chase it, through ignorance or for pure exhibitionism
-the great snake drowns them!
For this reason it's difficult to find Cabocolos in the hinterland with open windows or
doors at night. Not even the dog barks, for such fear of the great snake, the bad
spirit, the most feared being in the whole of the great valley.

The legend tells the tale of the dolphin Don Juan.,
At midnight he turns into an elegant man wearing a white suit and ALWAYS a hat
on his head (to hide the airhole on his head). He only appears along the river
banks and seduces all the women, married or not. A woman who has an affair with
the Boto turns yellow, looses weight and has to be taken to the paje (healer) to be
healed of his spell.
This wicked Boto has been the undoing of many a young gril...

The legend tells the story of a very beautiful Saterê Indian who lived on the bank of
the River Maués. She knew more than anybody else about the plants of the forest. She had two lazy brothers that were dependant on her -they wouldn’t let her marry for fear of loosing their good life.
One day. the girl became pregnant. Her brothers were furious, threatening the girl and her unborn child. After the child was born a short time passed bebe the Indian’s brothers killed the pitiful baby. Desperate, crying and screaming the Indian girl threw herself over the tiny body .Knowing the ways of her tribe she left her
son's body to be cremated by the healer (pajé). After a short time she decided to preserve those beautiful dark eyes. Having chewed on the leaves of a magical plant she washed her son’s eyes with a mixture of her saliva and juice from the plant and planted them in good earth. She then said, full of emotion: My son, you will be the greatest natural force. you will restore energy to the weak and free them from disease .
From their grave grew a plant. that was called Guaraná -the plant of energy and

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Recipes of the Amazon

Duck in the Tucupi Sauce (Pato no Tucupi)

1 great duck
3 small onions, peeled, finely chopped
4 cloves of garlic
100 grams of bacon in slices

Legends of the Amazon

Once upon a time there was a beautiful, young Indian girl called Naiá. She refused all of...

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What to take to the Amazon Forest

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