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Porto Alegre, the largest city in the south of Brazil, is the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The city was founded in 1742 by immigrants from the Azores. Since the 19th century the city has received numerous German and Italian Scot settlers. Lying as it does at the junction of five rivers, it has become an important port as well as one of the chief industrial and commercial centers in Brazil. Products of the rich agricultural and pastoral hinterland, such as leather, canned beef, and rice, are exported from Porto Alegre to destinations as far away as Africa and Japan.

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Rio Grande do Sul - Jesuit Missions

Soon after the early stages of the conquest of South America, the governments of Spain and Portugal originated the missionary project, whereby...

Agriculture in Rio Grande do Sul

Waves of immigrants began to arrive in Rio Grand do Sul. First came the Germans who established themselves in the Vale do Rio dos Sinos, close to Porto Alegre, the state capital; then came...

Pampas and Gauchos

Rio Grande do Sul is the area of the pampas region that is most influenced by the Gaúchos; the plains that cover a large part of the state are the cradle of some of its most powerful traditions....

Brazilian Footwear

In the last four decades, Brazil has played a relevant role in the Footwear History. The largest country in Latin America is one of the most outstanding manufacturers of leather articles, holding the third...

São Domingos Torres Golf Clube

It is located on the western side of the city of Torres, about 3 km away from the city center and can be reached both by river and by road. If reached by river, you can anchor the boat or jet ski at the...

Belem Novo Golf Club

This absolutely beautiful 18-hole golf course is extremely technical with many lakes and is located on a very flat landscape; pine trees, araças and acacias separate the fairways.

Many lakes offer...

Clube Campestre do Livramento

One of the first golf clubs in Brazil, Campestre do Livramento Club was founded in 1917, and became known by this name on 28 January 1959.

The nine holes with a profusion of trees and flowers...

Golf - Driving Ranges

Brazil already has many golf academies mainly in the big cities (driving ranges with or without putting and pitching greens) enabling golfers visiting the cities on business or as tourists to keep their...