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We are pleased to offer you 2 different options to book your trip:
Travel Guidance

Do you prefer the personal touch?  Would you like to discuss  your itinerary with one of our staff?  Please click here and send us your thoughts. 

Please provide as many details as possible, such as travel dates, number of passengers traveling, destinations you may be interested in or let us know where your interests lie and we would be happy to recommend destinations for you.  Would you prefer relaxing on the warm sands of a beach? 

Strolling through the streets of one of the many cities steeped in culture and tradition? Trekking through the Amazon jungle or galloping across the Savannah of the Brazilian Pantanal?  We are happy to make suggestions and answer your questions.

Online Booking

If you do not require any personal assistance, you have your flight already booked and you know what you want, click here. You will have our On-Line Booking Engine at your disposal.

It confirms the hotel instantly the moment you fill out the form. It is a good way to check hotel availability too.

With just one click, you can sign in securely to and have all your transactions protected by powerful Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology.

Whatever method you choose, we are very happy to assist you with travel arrangements addressed to your specific interests.

Your B.I.T. Staff

How do I plan a successful international trip and avoid the 101 gremlins ready to ambush it?

First outline your requirements. Are you interested in Culture and / or Relaxing with the children? During vacation, you prefer action or relaxed? When can you go? Are you flexible or do you have a specific time frame? How many people are in our party? How many days do you have for a special interest and travel? Are "best possible" accommodations necessary? Do you have a budget?

Once these general questions are addressed, your inquiry (whether by letter, fax, e-mail or phone) could be started as follows:

"Our party of four - men in their mid-fifties - is interested in a week's fishing for peacock bass. We are flexible thus we would appreciate your suggestions as to the best time. Two members of our party are good fly fishermen, the other two prefers spinning gear. Our wifes are coming one week later and we intend to spend some days in Rio and than relax another week in an Eco Resort. Two ladies are especially interested in Flora and Fauna. We like comfortable but posh accommodations..."

From this one paragraph, B.I.T has an accurate thumbnail sketch of your party and is in an excellent position to offer recommendations.

But a letter that states: "Send me your brochure and all details. We're interested in peacock bass" will get a response, but a number of letters will have to be exchanged before one can zero in.

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Is it better to book a Hotel directly or through our outdoor travel agency?

Reservations & Bookings
Unless you have been going to a place for a number of years, a reputable travel agency is your best bet. It costs nothing extra to go through an agent (he makes his livelihood from camp commissions, airline tickets, hotels, etc.). The advantages are: If he is a good one, he generally has the pulse of many destinations; he does the legwork; you benefit from experiences of his past customers; and, generally, the agent can save you money on airline tickets. Also, you have a better chance of getting a good trip for one distinct reason: If your agent books a fair number of trips to a particular destination, the resort manager will probably do his best, as he doesn't want any poor reports filtering back to the agent. On direct booking (no agent involved) some camp managers may choose the easy way out if a problem develops. He may reason: "Well, I can replace these two characters next year. To hell with them."

There have been problems with a few agents who suddenly appear on the horizon only to disappear a few month later with thousand of dollars of deposits and balances. How can you tell the good agent from a bad one? If he has been in business for number of years (say 10 or more, like B.I.T is), he is probably good.

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If I am asked for Deposits & Balances. Do I get my money back if I cancel?

You've selected your programme and you are satisfied that this is the trip for your party. Upon confirmation, you will be asked for a deposit.

They are totally misunderstood by some travellers-though perhaps conveniently so. A deposit is the hotel's guarantee that a reservation is being held for you. It is also your guarantee that you will "show up" for that specific period. Many things can happen of course; so most service providers have a grace period. Depending on the hotel, your deposit may be refundable if you provide a cancellation notice well advanced of your booking. Mostly we are talking about some days prior to arrival. But in some cases this can be 60, 90 days or more in advance of your booking. In other words if you cancel within a specified time, your deposit will be refunded. Sometimes a small cancellation fee is charged; others -during Carnival or New Year, for exemple- do not return deposits no matter how much advanced notice is given. Know this before you submit your deposit.

What happens if the cancellation is less than prescribed time? Usually you lose the deposit. And don't blame the service provider. If there were no policy concerning deposit and imposed penalties, there would be utter chaos. It is, however, B.I.T's interest to see you satisfied and we try everything to credit you for another period usually during that same calendar year.

An Example: A Fishing Camp. Many of he camps will refund the balance in case of cancellation (even if the deposit of $250 and later the balance of $750. A week prior to the trip, you find it necessary to cancel. With some camps, you would lose the deposit ($250), but your $750 would be returned to you. Be sure to check the camp's policy carefully prior to submitting your deposit. If it is not mentioned, please ask for it in writing. It could save you hundreds of dollars!

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Can I eat Salad and drink a Coke with ice or do I get ill?

Since you are in a tropical country where there is a lot of fresh fruit available, don't overindulge. We can get sick and blame the drinking water, but often it is because our systems are not used to great quantities of fruit or because you eat acid fruits at first on these rich breakfast bufets. If you are in the main centres you don't have to be afraid of the ice cubes. If you have a sensible stomack you will feel the changes of climate and time zones plus the efforts of travelling anyway. It doesn't mean you are ill therefore. Should you really be in those remote areas, where there is problem with drinking water, stick to beer or soft drinks. 

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